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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Simplifying my duties

On the right hand side of the page there are links to two of my "funds" which are managed via Marketocracy. These funds have been under my supervision for quite some time and have been fairly successful thus far.

I had a few other "experimental" funds, but I am no longer managing them as a result of time pressures. My theory is that more attention to detail will yield even better results for both my Value and Income Fund and my Smart Buys fund.

I should mention that the site, as neat of an experiment that it is, has its limitations and quirks. First, I'd love to run a "long/short" style of fund and be able to put on positions that involve more than just common stocks. But - I can't. At any rate, even with its limitations, the fund has found some investors whose performance at picking stocks is simply phenomenal, and cannot be considered luck. Check out the performance of a few: JNavin (blog), Wildmap (website), and ahbahb.


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