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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Google launches Google Finance

Today Google launched "Google Finance" where you can type a ticker and get information about a company. My guess is that Google feels it needs this feature to provide a complete solution for web users, because MSN and Yahoo both have finance sites as well. Ironically, I figured I'd just use GOOG as the first ticker I typed in (link). Below are my initial thoughts to the newly unvieled site:

-It's fast; loads quickly
-The interactive chart with the news catalysts is a great little timesaver
-Blog posts appear - google is taking blogging mainstream; this will help. I find blogs to be a great source of information for investing
-Latest discussion posts appear. I believe however, that this will eventually just show a bunch of stock bashing and consequent insults towards other posters, if Yahoo! finance message boards are any representation of what's to come.

-Company Financials section isn't very useful
-Page actually contains little information
-No "historical prices" download possible like with Yahoo!
-After signing in, the page forgot that I wanted to see a 1 year chart, not an intraday one
-They had an opportunity to get the "Next Earnings Release" on the front page, and they didn't. MSN still wins this one with its calendar.

Overall, the page looks to me to be more of a Portal to information about a company than an actual place to do any kind of real research. MSN and Yahoo certainly provide more thorough information, although Google's page may be the quickest place to visit for news stories and understanding crucial news items that move a stock. Only time will be able to tell how useful I will find the site to be.


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