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Monday, March 06, 2006

I'm on Vacation...

not really. I'm actually on vacation next week, not this week. That means I have a big midterm on Friday and a case due this week in which we are trying to numerically value Manchester United's brand. Hence, you may not see much from me this week, but I should be back to full blogging action starting Friday afternoon (thus I'm on vacation from blogging).

In other news, RVB's Market Musings has become part of the Seeking Alpha network. You'll note that I use my actual name on that site, however this site will remain anonymous - not that it matters a ton. It's an honor to have been invited and now to be a contributing member to the site, since it is a conglomeration of mostly professionals in the biz and is part of Forbes "Best of the Web" for investing blogs.

Finally, I sense some serious selling to take over the markets soon, if not now. Sure, the investor's intelligence survey is bullish for now, but that can stay bullish for a while. Other indicators do not look so bullish. Check out a few of the "Market Health" indicators on the right of the page. 10 year rates are rising, too, which is bearish for stocks, although rates are still low. If I get a chance, I will post a more in-depth look at what I am talking about, otherwise, stay tuned until the weekend.


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