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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Musings on being busy, apple, oil, and Seeking Alpha news

Hi all, I hope this post finds you well in mind and body. I am still alive, thankfully. The lack of posts is directly related to moving back to Madison and not quite feeling moved in yet (lots of laundry to do), plus we are trying to get acquainted with a host of new things in ASAP as well as portfolio duties (stock picks and economic forecasts).

I must be the 120 gazillionth person to write about Apple's non-news on the 12th. Maybe the iTV is interesting, but I'm not betting on this particular product revolutionizing our living rooms. Time will tell, I guess. But, it only makes sense that the TV and the PC keep coming together. It has been happening for a while. As an undergrad, I didn't have a TV in my bedroom, but I had an add-on card from ATI Technologies that allowed me to watch TV on my AMD K6-II machine (wow, am I putting the years behind me quickly). And how about the millions of unused S-Port cables on PC's that allow you to actually use a TV as a makeshift monitor? Well, that never took off because of the resolution problem. Nonetheless, maybe it's happening slowly, but the marriage is happening. Right in front of our faces.

Remember on July 27th, when I said I thought Oil Prices had peaked? No? Do you remember when I said I believed it even more on August 9th? Well, so far so good on that call. UPDATED: 10-1, I had the wrong chart here, so I updated with the proper one.

Finally, Congrats to David Jackson and Seeking Alpha for landing a deal with Yahoo Finance. Here's another interesting thing happening right in front of us - The Blogosphere versus Sell-Side research. The battle has just begun. I'm not sure the sell-side even knows there's a battle yet, however.

At any rate, please bear with me through September, as this month my posting will be slow.

Go Badgers!


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