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Friday, August 04, 2006

Checkup: RVB Funds

Finally, Marketocracy has updated the fund rankings for the first half of 2006.

I'm pleased that the RVB Value and Income Fund (RVBVI) has earned me a green star for top quartile performance. In reality, it has performed better than that. Here are the stats:

Alpha: 4.38% (and this is the important one)
Beta: 0.80
R^2: 0.57

The RVB Smart Buys Long Fund (RVBXX) has a bit of a different story. I pressed too hard on the accelerator at the wrong time, and you can see that bet has not paid off recently - the fund has fallen rather sharply in value relative to the S&P 500. Rest assured, I am not content with this performance and continue to make changes to get where it needs to be. The addition of some of the inverse ETF's may help.

Alpha: -5.62% (and this is the important one)
Beta: 1.86
R^2: 0.82

Meanwhile, the bearish fund experiment remains just that, hence no update there.

I will continue to work on idea generation and portfolio construction in the two main funds and continue to strive for #1.


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