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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Microsoft: Anti-innovation?

Just a quick thought here, in 1995, Microsoft started giving away Internet Explorer AFTER Netscape had been the first to market and held a ton of market share. Internet Explorer became the global standard for web browsers soon thereafter.

Since then MSFT has operated as though this strategy will continually work! Wait for for others to innovate, they can copy such innovations and win. So when it comes to innovating, I dare say MSFT is a second-rate company.

The XBOX was a great product. But, it didn't come in and dominate Sony's incumbent Playstation. Maybe that's because they didn't give it away?

Enter MSFT's antivirus program, whose ETA is TBD. For the acronym-challenged, that means I don't think it is out yet. Symantec (SYMC) is the rolling behemoth in this land, although McAfee (MFE) has a strong foot in the ground, too. Will mister-softee take market share here? My guess is not unless they give it away - which is feasible because it is software. But if they don't, I say good luck, but no thanks. My Norton Antivirus is working just fine.

Now MSFT wants to copy the iPod? Puhlease. This growth engine has the horsepower of a golf cart.


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