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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Healthcare Equipment and Services

I am covering the Healthcare Equipment and Services sector next year. So far my report on the sector is coming along - but slowly. I have some ideas in mind, but no big pieces of analysis done.

I have been studying the wonderfully exciting tables on the Medicare website understanding reimbursement.

Have I bored you yet with this post?

My point is that I've been a little buried lately which is why I have not posted alot lately. Plus, I haven't found any enticing stocks for long or short plays.

However, lately I have been watching Radio Shack - RSH. I want it to rally because I think it is a great short. I'm probably late to this game; the stock's been going down for 18 months. But I still think the business model is horribly broken. I'm hoping to give this a good look this summer, if the stock can muster up some kind of rally.


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