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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hidden Strength

Watching the close today, I was reminded of a wise saying. It goes something to the extent that what the markets do in the morning is what the amatuers think, and what they do going into the close is what the professionals think.

The last hour today showed strength, even if it wasn't overwhelming.

On a side note, sorry if my writing has been a bit slow this week. I had my first experience interviewing with a hedge fund - which was interesting, fun, challenging, and educational.

Lately I have been looking at Boston Scientific (BSX), which finally seems cheap. Next 12 month P/E is expected to be 12.6, and the Enterprise Value/EBITD is under 10. It also has a nice technical setup on weekly and daily views. What do you think about BSX? Did the Guidant news push the stock to a bargain level? Too risky?


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