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Monday, May 22, 2006

Hola para Lunes

My Spanish actually is awful, so I probably even made a mistake in my title. Anyhow, I'm just checkin' in for a quick one today. I'm crunching away on CFA level 1 exam studies - making sure I really know my stuff.

Since I have yet to begin my internship, I have time to study. Which reminds me, my blog may "shut down" while I am an intern in terms of stock ideas. You see, my responsibility will be to my employer for the summer. I'm pretty excited about the job, too!

Anyhow, the correction in metals was overdue, and the slide in the overall indices continues - although I think we're approaching a buyable bottom. If I can, I may be adding PETS to my portfolio. The market, courtesy of Avondale's downgrade, is putting it on sale. I like sales :-) Even Avondale, just weeks after its downgrade, may be forced to upgrade it again at these prices.

Also, is anyone noticing that natural gas is currently up 3%? Yet, the natural gas stock index (XNG on the Philly I believe) is down almost 2%, presumably because almost the entire board is a sea of red, and that includes almost all oil-related stocks. One day doesn't mean much, but it could be something to watch for.


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