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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

When's the buyable bottom coming?

I've been watching the markets. Many of my little indicators are showing that this rally might actually have some legs. But, It hasn't acted normal. The reason I say this is that reversals usually "retest" themselves. What I mean is that they usually hit a low, then rally, come back to the low - even make a slightly lower one, and then the rally is on.

The psychological indicators - %bull / %bear are ready to roll. The exchanges have hit major bottoms in terms of record high / lows. Things look like they're in line. But things aren't normal just yet. So, I'm confused, and I'm staying away for now.

Japan, the EWJ and JOF look poised to run. I think there's great opportunity there. I also think that there's a chance that if we get back to the old recent low, say, 2040 on the Nasdaq, it could be close to time to get long some Powershares. I like these ETF's - they take out some risk, and I don't have lots of time these days!


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