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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ouch, BBY

And so they missed the 0.38 mark, and shares are off over 5 bucks (Best Buy's that is)...

Now what? It's a good thing we took some of those shares off the table, huh?

Is this overreation?
I don't know. Perhaps. My inclination is to not fight the tape. Get out, and reassess later, or move on to the next big opportunity. That's how I manage money...

Notice that we are out at $46 (near the open price today, after the miss).

That still puts our remaining shares at a gain from $44, plus the shares we cashed out at $50. So, mathematically we've made $2 x 2/3 of the position PLUS $6 times 1/3 of the position. Or, $3.33 on 44 -> 7.5% on our money in 3 months...all while managing the risk quite nicely. It's also a 33.9% annualized return. That's worth smiling about, despite the fact that we just gave a whole lot back! It's better than being in a savings account! (even after short-term capital gains tax)


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