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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Two New Funds, and One Old Fund

I have created some new funds recently that I thought I would start to post. The key to these funds is that they don't require much work, and are research oriented.

I call the first fund my "Market Timer" fund. It's fairly simple, 70% of the fund is allocated across the market in general, and is really only there so that this big portion of the fund performs, in general, right along with the market. The other 30% is what I use to "time" the market. To do this, I use a few indicators - 4 of which are linked to on the right hand side of the page. You can view this new fund using the new market timer fund link at the right, or by clicking here.

The second fund I recently have created is a more "hands off" fund called the "Value Point Play" fund . Basically, I look for a stock that is in an uptrend (headed upwards, making higher lows and higher highs) on a weekly chart. If it has pulled back to its 26-Week Exponential Moving Average, AND looks like on its daily chart that it has bottomed at that point, I take an 8% (of the fund) position in the stock. If not, I wait until it does look to me as though it has bottomed, OR I wait for the stock to pull back to the 52-Week Exponential moving average. The description for this fund that I have given is "This fund purchases stocks that are in uptrends on weekly charts, but have pulled back to either their 26 Week Exponential Moving Average, or their 52 Week Exponential Moving Average. The fund uses daily charts for entry. The theory is that there is a lower amount of short to intermediate term risk in stocks that have pulled back in two ways: 1) "Bad" news is likely expected or already priced into the stock and 2) They are still in general uptrends, but have pulled back, so general market volatility is less likely to have an effect on these stocks Each position is entered as 8% of the fund, and cut in half when the stock reaches its old high, if such an event occurs. You can view the fund's public page by clicking here.

Here is an example of a purchase I made in the Value Point Play fund this morning, Boyd Casino. Note that the RED line on the Weekly chart of BYD represents the 26 Week Exponential Moving Average. You can see on the daily chart of BYD that the stock is basing inside a wedge, with support at $51.

BYD Weekly:

BYD Daily:

Finally, I am going to link my blog to my oldest fund. This fund is just called an aggressive growth fund, but the reality is, I let myself do whatever I want in this fund (to an extent, because I can only BUY stocks in the fund). I need to come up with some kind of cool, sexy name for it. So, I'll let anyone who reads my blog to make a suggestion as to what it should be! You can view this fund's public page here. Oddly, this fund has performed very well, mostly because of Google, and Valero Energy (I no longer hold VLO in the fund, however - those shares were sold at $82).

So there you have it. Two new funds, and one old one!


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