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Monday, March 12, 2007

Quick hit thoughts

Sierra is getting bought by UNH? This morning, I wondered if UNH was the culprit sending Sierra bad business? Alas, the wonderful people at The Health Care Blog are all over it and it was not UNH, but "one of United's big competitors" (of which there are very few).

The more I use it, the more the blogosphere is proving itself to be a very, very useful research tool. Still not as good as talking to others, but taking a few minutes of traditional media away from everyday and supplanting it with the blogosphere seems to be a very valuable action.

In non-market news, this will never happen again in my life (at least while I am a student): I am getting solicitations to buy tickets from my alma mater, MTU who is playing my current school, Wisconsin , in the WCHA final five. (That's hockey for you non-puck fans). Meanwhile, Wisconsin is sending me the same ticket requests.

Oh, and Congrats to my other alma mater, Kimberly High School, on its improbable march to the Division 1 state boy's basketball championship, bringing the team's winning percentage to .500 in the process. RVB's littlest bro is on the team. GO 'MAKERS!



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