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Friday, July 22, 2005

Google (Again)

It's down 10 as I type.  It was a good quarter in my opinion.  There is some debate as to whether or not EPS met or beat expectations...but whatever.  Revenues were fantastic at $890 million.  But, I was wrong when I thought that analysts wouldn't have been able to set expectations too high.  Perhaps my passion for GOOG overrode logical thinking.  The markets are great this way - they are humbling. 
With Google execs warning that typically the 3rd quarter is weak, I think that we'll see some psychological selloff and profit taking.  I mean, GOOG has certainly performed well.  And now my Marketocracy Aggressive Growth Fund (linked on the right) has a position that has become a little bit tougher to manage.  It's still in the money - having been initiated well below $300 but I'll have some decisions to make over the weekend. 
Note that I am still a GOOG bull in the longer-term, however!


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