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Monday, August 01, 2005

Where am I?

Now that I am no longer gainfully employed, I am spending my days in front of the computer, piloting my future business plan - to some extent. I am running a trading business, or "mocking" it, rather.

The first week of my business saw one horrible trade on Panera bread (PNRA)lose about 1.2% of my company's equity. That was day three. It's always good to get a reminder that this business is perhaps the single hardest thing one can do professionally (physical things like pro football aside).

The good news is that my business, on paper, finished down a mere 0.04% down for the week. So, were it not for my lousy trade, it would have been up 1.2%.

Either way, those numbers are still "noise".

As I stand at this very moment, I have four positions, and all of them are SHORT (click for definition) - as I believe the market's rally has reached a hiccup spot, at least temporarily.


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