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Monday, January 09, 2006

New Links Added

I came across some great blogs on VInvesting.com today and thought I would link to them.

First, check out NoDoodah's post on Technical Analysis and Value Investing. It's introspective and perhaps the single best post I have read from someone whose mind has changed on the subject of TA.

Next, check out Gannononinvesting. I think that this is a full-time gig for Mr. Gannon, but the site is full of great ideas.

I also added "Theo" below. You can actually see his entire portfolio on his blog, which is interesting. If I had that capability, I'd add it, but with blogger, which is free, I'd have to manually add it daily. Who has that kind of time?

Also, check out Controlled Greed, which I believe is fairly interesting. It is full of links on the left, as well. Perhaps he is less selective for his blogroll links, perhaps not. Either way, it's worth a quick read from time to time.

For some interesting stock picks, check out Stocks Below NCAV - Which means stocks that trade for less than their current asset values. It's hard to find stocks like this, but Buffett would probably love these!


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