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Monday, November 14, 2005

RVB Meets Warren Buffett!

On Saturday, we had the pleasure of hearing Warren Buffett speak at the Field Club in Omaha. I was amazed by a couple of things -

  • His general health and well being - At 75 years old, Warren is in great shape. He moves around much better than anyone I have met who is his age. He's as eloquent as ever. I can only hope to be in his shape at his age.

  • His humbleness - we've all probably read stories about his style and his personality. All of it's true. He knows he's made mistakes and can readily admit them. The things he preaches are completely ground in his head (being loved=a good life, wealth means very little, good businesses with good people are what you should by...the list goes on). Whether you've read his teachings in a book or heard them live, the stories change very little. He's just much funnier in person than in a book.

I attribute #1 above to his never really having worked a day in his life. Most people work at jobs they don't love, and doing so takes a toll on them. Warren just did what he loved to do. It wasn't work. And his health is great. #2 above just is who he is. He runs Berkshire his own way and ignores his critics. He's not afraid to make big mistakes, and since he cares little about material possessions it's no wonder why he became such a great investor.

Here's the picture with both first and second-year Applied Security Analysis students and Mr. Buffett.

After we met with Warren, we took a tour of the Nebraska Furniture Mart, one of Berkshire's companies. The tour was neat, because we got to see the story in front of us. The place is even bigger than I expected.

Meeting a legend who completely impressed everyone = an awesome trip. If you ever get the chance to head to Omaha and visit the Oracle of Omaha, do it.


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