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Thursday, May 19, 2005


Yesterday's market was HOT. As in "I just touched a stove burner" hot. The rallies were broad (across almost all sectors) and powerful (lots of above average trading volume). Perhaps the volume was due to people who were short the market finally gave in and started buying to cover their profitable positions. Who is to know?

Regardless, there are lots of stocks out there that are beginning to lead the market. I don't think yesterday is an "all clear" signal to go aggressively long...but I still believe that there are some big "defensive" winners out there. As for the more risky stocks - I still think we need to stay away from some of those things. CRAI looks good on paper, but I made the decision to pass on this trade. If we were in a definitive bull or bear market, the more speculative names would be more playable.

Shopping list: ACGL, PEP, PRU, MET, NNI, CMX, ANT, BHS, and XTO, VLO, SWN (Once oil prices rebound)

My bearish fund (not linked yet) has only one short position in Hurco (HURC) and it is already at a slight loss. My other funds have found some positions run to some nice wins in RAVN, AMTD, and ADSK. I'll continue to manage these positions and perhaps take a few profits here and there. I really like today's action in RAVN - I think this stock can double this year.


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