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Friday, February 10, 2006

Google thoughts

I wanted to link to a great writeup on Blue Nile's earnings miss and how Google affected it.

Those who've read my blog for a long time know that I was a Google Bull in the 80's, 100's, 200's, and even low 300's. Unfortunately there is no documentation on this particular blog about my change in sentiment, but there is some in my interview with Gannononinvesting and my accounting message board here at school.

I could have been equally wrong getting off that train, my point is not to be right all the time, just to express how I think. It's that simple. (I mean, Hey! It's MY blog!!!) Google's been difficult for a long while, and if you think that the 100+ point decline is an opportunity, I urge you to think about the flipside. Jeff Matthews article brings up an interesting point worth serious consideration. I think it's one of those we just have to avoid for now, unless you are trading it (which is always different).

Keep in mind, I am also fond of Blue Nile - just not at even this new "discounted" price.


At February 10, 2006 10:48 AM, Blogger NO DooDahs said...

Umm ... who ISN'T trading it? GOOG is firmly entrenched in the day-traders' world, and no clear pattern will emerge for a while.

I'm just glad to have made some money off of GOOG and wish I had made more (I was short but should have been long, then short).



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